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Hayne hand made-golden-age Flute <jrs0606@optonline.net> - W.Harrison, Ny USA - Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Much sought after Golden Age ('58-'59) B-foot Haynes Flute. Beautiful hand made vintage William S Haynes Flute.The "Golden Age" of WSHaynes. Sterling silver body head and foot joint with silver key work. Gold springs. Open Hole, In-line G, B foot joint. Traditional Haynes cut head joint. Features soldered toneholes, thin wall (.014") construction.
Trevor James Master Series I Pro Flute <deborahp@visionofwellness.net> - Jordan, MN USA - Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Lovely Trevor James Masters Series I Conservatory Model Flute ~ $1250 Made/purchased new in England in 2009, single owner, adult. Handmade 925 silver headjoint traditional cut lip plate (never used as I have a custom headjoint), semi-handmade silver plated body, closed hole, pointed key arms, split E, offset G, B-foot, French style leatherbound wood case. Silver polishes up pristine, barely any marks, excellent condition, responsive mech, good pads, rich tone! Excellent step-up for advancing flutist. Pics available upon request. Paypal or local pick-up cash only.
Jupiter 711 Flute- Just Serviced! <flutebyjaclyn@gmail.com> - Photos / Website - Lawrenceville, NJ USA - Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Sweet sounding Jupiter 711 Sterling Silver Flute. All parts marked "Sterling Silver". Open Hole, B Footjoint, Offset G and Split E Mechanism for more easily played "High E". Comes with slimline inner case and canvas outer case. This flute has just been serviced and cleaned and is playing perfectly from top to bottom! $895. Will ship with return policy so your purchase is risk free. See above link for photos. 917-400-1658 Thank you!
Gorgeous Drelinger Super Silver Max HJ w/ 14K <JMay218@aol.com> - Boston, MA USA - Tuesday, April 22, 2014
This gorgeous headjoint is in pristine condition and made using Drelinger's super silver alloy, giving it a very lovely sheen to the sound with added projection. The super silver headjoints are no longer in production, and also has the no-slip lip engraving, 14K gold air reed, free-flo riser, and comes in a beautiful leather hard case. Asking $2000. Please email for pictures and inquiries.
Mint W.S. Haynes Piccolo <JMay218@aol.com> - Photos / Website - Boston, MA USA - Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Selling an outstanding grenadilla Haynes piccolo with solid silver keys and pristine cork pads. This piccolo was made in 1980 and has been meticulously maintained and has also just had a COA from the fantastic Rachael Baker at Powell flutes. Beautiful, dark, velvety sound and great scale. Anyone who has ever tried this instrument has said it is by far one of the best Haynes piccs they have ever played. I hate to see it go but I am financing a new flute. Please email with any other questions. Asking $4500 via Venmo or $4750 via Paypal. No scammers please!
ARMSTRONG SS Thin Wall Headjoint Gold Lip <deborahp@visionofwellness.net> - Jordan, MN USA - Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Lovely Armstrong sterling silver flute headjoint w/ engraved gold lip plate & crown. $175.00 The Armstrong T-2 head joint is a beautiful upgrade to any intermediate or advanced level flute. The body is Thinwall (.014) Sterling Silver, while the lip plate and crown are GOLD plated and beautifully engraved. The T-cut lip plate features a traditional embouchure hole with less undercutting, which offers excellent dynamic flexibility with more resistance. MSRP: $ 624.00 Can email photos. Paypal only. No returns.
Wanted: Heavy Wall Yamaha 600 series flute <dreiner2@yahoo.com> - Austin, TX USA - Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Looking for a good condition Yamaha 600 series flute with heavy wall. Must have b foot, preferably offset g. Please contact me with anything you might have
Looking for early Louis Lot headjoint <purethirds@gmail.com> - NY USA - Monday, April 21, 2014
I know this is a long shot, but I am looking for an original silver Louis Lot headjoint. preferably three digit serial number, but later is interesting too. Also Godfroy, Bonneville, Rive, etc. I have a body that is unfortunately missing the headjoint.
Looking for: Tone Development Through Interpr <mrbrooksmusic@gmail.com> - Philadelphia, Pa USA - Sunday, April 20, 2014
Looking for a copy of "Tone Development Through Interpretation" by Marcel Moyse. Can be used or new. Email me if you have a copy that you are willing to sell! Thanks,
Minty Yamaha 225SII Flute- Just Serviced! <flutebyjaclyn@gmail.com> - Photos / Website - Lawrenceville, NJ USA - Saturday, April 19, 2014
Minty Yamaha 225SII Student Flute. This model is now called "221". This flute has no dings/dents whatsoever and pads look brand new. Silver plated head, body and foot, closed hole, offset G, C footjoint. The perfect flute for a beginner player at a fraction of the cost of buying new! $325 (Yamaha student flutes are $800-$900 new). See above link for photos- multiple student flutes available. Will ship with 7 day return policy. 917-400-1658. Thank you!

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