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WTB Alto Flute  agjamo59@hotmail.com - Ventura, CA USA - Saturday, August 29, 2015
Our daughter is a sax player in college. This semester she has been asked to double on alto flute. She has a few soprano flutes, but no alto. So we are looking for a reasonably priced alto. Since she works at a music store that does many repairs on band instruments I would would prefer one that needs repadding/minor work. As an instrument that will for 'doubling' I am not looking for top of the line 'pro' instrument, but something decent. Sorry if that is too vague, I am new at flutes. Bottom line is that I will be looking at the value of a purchase.
Powell Platinum Flute with 10K Keys  cep370@nyu.edu  Photos / Website - New York, NY USA - Thursday, August 27, 2015
I am selling a Powell Platinum Flute with 10K gold keys (9500) that was made in 1995. The flute is inline G and was just repadded/overhauled. It has excellent resonance and response! It is not like many platinum flutes that I've tried that are "dead" in response. The retail is $70,000+. I am asking $41,000. Thank you!
Murumatsu  mark.kieme@gmail.com - Ann arbor, Mi USA - Tuesday, August 25, 2015
'62 Murumatsu "commercial " model, solid silver, handmade, sweet sound. Open holes, C foot $2500
Azumi 3000 Flute- Ready to Play!  flutebyjaclyn@gmail.com  Photos / Website - Lawrence Twp, NJ USA - Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Excellent condition pre-owned Azumi 3000 Flute by Altus, serviced and ready to play. It sports a Britannia Silver Handcut Altus "Z" Headjoint, Sterling Silver Body, B foot with Gizmo Key and Offset G. $1575 The action is nice and light on this flute, and the tone is rich and full. Will ship. Comes with 7 day return policy and warranty for all US customers. Photos at above link of this flute and more!
Used 9k muramatsu body with 19.5k powell head  etonteo@gmail.com - Singapore - Sunday, August 23, 2015
9k gold muramatsu body with silver keys, in-line g, g disc, b foot joint, 19.5k powell headjoint. asking for usd $15000. photos can be requested via email. contact me at etonteo@gmail.com
Handmade powell conservatory flute  Shaunlxy@gmail.com - Singapore, Singapore - Sunday, August 23, 2015
Selling Powell Handmade Conservatory Flute. Specs: Full silver body Custom platinum plated G disc C foot Recently overhauled Comes with original Powell Hard Case and Leather Handcarry Bag. Feel free to try. Pm me for details. Asking price: $6900 NEG Please include Shaun in subject title when emailing me.
Di Zhao DZ-201 Piccolo  jamesorlandogarcia@gmail.com - Chicago, IL USA - Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Di Zhao DZ201 Piccolo. Grenadilla wood piccolo with split E mechanism with silver plated keys. This is a fantastic instrument that plays better than everything in its price range. This is an excellent value. $900
Haynes flute  mark.casterline@yahoo.com - Cleveland, Ohio USA - Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Closed hole, C-foot, solid silver, case and cover included, serial no. 3803, made in 1917, appraised price firm at $5000, buyer must meet me in person, Mark.
Miyazawa sterling silver professional flute  Betsybinder123@gmail.com - Pittsburgh, Pa USA - Tuesday, August 18, 2015
Handmade construction open-hole French-pointed arms drawn tone holes. This flute is comparable to Miyazawa Vision flute which retails from $9995. I am the only owner, an adult who has taken excellent care of the instrument. The tone quality of this flute is superb in all registers and the flute is in excellent condition. I am asking $5200. I will sent the flute to you on trial for one week. Please call for information and pictures. Betsy Binder 412 478 6178
Burkart Professional Piccolo with Keefe Head  kelly.roudabush@gmail.com - Raleigh, NC USA - Monday, August 17, 2015
Professional model Burkart Phelan piccolo with Keefe classic cut headjoint. Straubinger pads with cork pads in the first 4 keys along the water line. Meticulously cared for by David Straubinger himself yearly. Get the sound of a Keefe at a lower cost. I've won two piccolo positions with this instrument. Only selling to finance a Keefe piccolo set to arrive soon. New, this sells for $4400. Retail used is $3950. Asking only $3750. Paypal preferred. 7 day trial available.

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