Wanting used closed hole flute   shirleyp1934@hotmail.com - amory, ms USA - Sunday, July 15, 2001
would like to buy a used closed hole flute in good condition.need this as soon as possible.willing to pay $200.00-$300.00.please contact ASAP!!!
SOLD! </b>Piccolo   mad@voyager.net - Oh. USA - Sunday, July 15, 2001
Piccolo used but in good condition. Plastic body,Silver plated head joint. $195.00 in very nice condition. Plays well has no prolems! Or make an offer!
Wanted   bblane@starpower.net - Sterling, VA USA - Saturday, July 14, 2001
Wanted curved headjoint for beginners. Good price please.
SOLD! Miyazawa MC 325 Solid Silver Flute   ERFLUTES @ aol.com - Longmont, CO USA - Thursday, July 12, 2001
Handmade flute,Solid Sterling Silver head,body,foot.In-line g,B foot. 5 years old.Beautiful flute in excellent condition.Very responsive with a rich tone. Sells new for $4695.00. Asking $3950.00 Will send for demo.
Wanted Student Flutes   foxycrazey@aol.com - Boynton Beach, fla USA - Thursday, July 12, 2001
I'm looking for flutes that are cheap. Any 20th century student flute from $60.00-100.00 thank-you
WANTED: YAMAHA FLUTE   landisn@tgsnopec.com - houston, tx usa USA - Wednesday, July 11, 2001
Need an intermediate flute suitalbe for using in marching band. MUST have an inline G and low B foot. Would prefer a Yamaha, but would consider others. A couple of dinks okay, but must play well. Price range: $400-$450.
GEMEINHARDT 3SHB   llrs22@yahoo.com - London, KY USA - Tuesday, July 10, 2001
I have an older model Gemeinhardt 3SHB flute. Solid silver head, b foot. Plays really well. I hate to part with it but I am wanting a new flute. SEE AD BELOW. I am willing to trade and open to all offers. I am selling this instrument relatively cheap. Would make great step-up flute.
WANTED   llrs22@yahoo.com, ccpiccplayer@msn.com - London, KY USA - Tuesday, July 10, 2001
I am currently looking for a Selmer flute. I am particurlarly looking for an Omega Series flute. I also like the 220B and 230B from Selmer. I may consider purchasing an Armstrong 80B, 75B OR ANYTHING THAT IS SOLID SILVER, OPEN HOLE, B FOOT, and I really like the gold lip plate with engravement. I am open for all suggestions.
Yamaha Allegro 371 Flute   darling2@swbell.net - Katy, TX USA - Monday, July 09, 2001
A Yamaha 371 Allegro flute with a solid silver head and gold plated lip piece. Used only 8 months by a student who no longer needs it. A few minor scratches and some minor dents can be found but the do not affect the sound quaility of the instrument and it is still very playable. We are asking for $800. the flute comes with its case. For more information e-mail us at darling2@swbell.net . Tahnk you.
Professional flute needed ASAP   Ladeesse1225@aol.com - PA USA - Sunday, July 08, 2001
Hello, I am a senior in high school hoping to major in music performance in college - the problem is I am still playing a silver plated Gemeinhardt which I have long since outgrown. I am looking for a professional level, at least solid silver, possibly white gold springs etc, with an in line G, gizmo, B foot, french style, pointed keys etc in excellent condition, under $3500. Preferred brands are Prima and Muramatsu but I am willing to try others - Thank you very much!

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