Emanuel Flute for sale 14k   wonderfulflute4sale@gmail.com - New York, NY USA - Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Gorgeous 14k gold Emanuel flute for sale 014 thickness, silver keys, in line, engraved lip plate. As played by members of the Metropolitan Opera, Principal of Chicago Symphony, many European Orchestras etc etc. Beautiful rich sound. Lists for $32,000, Willing to sell for $25,000 or best offer.
Drelinger UpRite Head w/ LOTS of Accessories   apodaca3@gmail.com  Photos / Website - Fort Collins, CO United States - Friday, August 25, 2017
Beautiful solid silver Drelinger UpRite headjoint with MAX lip plate and platinum air reed. The beautifully engraved non-slip lip plate is designed to reduce wind noise. This headjoint has the potential to not only produce a full sound in all registers, but also many colors, a wide range of dynamics, & fantastic response on quickly tongued passages. Retails for well over $5000 with all of the accessories. Asking $3250. Paypal/credit cards o.k. Layaway. Money back guarantee. Trial. Please click on the link above for photos and other info. (970)689-5671.
Custom Haynes (2006) w/ C & B Foot, C# Trill   apodaca3@gmail.com  Photos / Website - Fort Collins, CO United States - Friday, August 25, 2017
Fabulous! This flute has a gorgeous sound, great response & smooth key action. Silver head, body, foot, keys & mechanism, offset G, C# trill, D# roller, soldered tone holes, 14K riser, C Foot & B foot. It has just been serviced & is in excellent condition including finish & pads. A=442. Can be paired with the gold Haynes headjoint (see separate ad) for a beautiful sound. New, a comparable model would be $16,000+ w/ all the extras. Asking $8450 plus shipping. We offer trials & accept all major credit cards/Paypal. Money Back Guarantee. ALL questions are alw
Muramatsu DN- B & C Foot, Offset G, Split-E   apodaca3@gmail.com  Photos / Website - Fort Collins, CO United States - Friday, August 25, 2017
A gorgeous Muramatsu DNRBC (preceded the DS) with both B and C foot (feet), offset G, and Split-E, silver head, body, foot and keys, open-holes, offset G, modern scale and A=442. Recently professionally serviced. Trial, free layaway, money back guarantee. For interest sake, the price for a current Muramatsu DS without the additional footjoint is $8900 (not exactly comparable model, but is the closest one to this DN). Asking $5500. Click on the link above for pricing, more details and photos, and feel free to call with any questions any time: (970) 689-5671.
Gemeinhardt Grenadilla piccolo 4WSSK   will.hale789@gmail.com - Oxford, MI USA - Sunday, August 20, 2017
Gemeinhardt Grenadilla wood Piccolo 4WSSK. Just COAed by former Gemeinhardt flutemaker. Originally built Serial Number 69XX (2006) No scratches, chips or cracks to the well seasoned Grenadilla wood. Solid Silver keys and mechanism. White gold springs provide fast action. Speaks warmly and beatifully in all registers. Made in Elkhart, USA. 10 day Money back tryout period. e-mail for photos or questions. $995 + $15 shipping
Miyazawa Gold Flute-Barely Used- Exceptional!   apodaca3@gmail.com  Photos / Website - Fort Collins, Colorado USA - Monday, August 14, 2017
Used for only a few months. Looks new! I can't say enough good things about this gorgeous instrument. 9K gold head, body and foot, 14K riser, full Brogger, soldered tone holes, offset G, C# trill, D# and C# rollers, B foot, platinum springs, Straubinger pads. MZ10 headjoint cut. Comes with additional 14K McKenna crown. With all of the extras, this flute would sell new for over $27,000. Asking $21,500. Please click on the link above for more details. Trials welcome. As always, feel free to email or call any time with any questions: (970) 689-5671.
Armstrong 80 Silver Flute w/ C Foot   apodaca3@gmail.com  Photos / Website - Fort Collins, Colorado USA - Monday, August 14, 2017
Very nice Armstrong 80 flute with silver head, body and foot. This flute has been professionally serviced by my tech. and plays well in all registers. C foot, open-holes, in-line G. Asking $600 plus reasonable shipping fee. Trial/layaway options. Money Back Guarantee. Feel free to request a demo video. To see details about this and other flutes for sale, please click on the link above. I would be glad to help you find the "right" flute for your needs. Email or call (970) 689-5671 any time with any questions.
Yamaha 385 (similar to 381, 382)   apodaca3@gmail.com  Photos / Website - Fort Collins, COLORADO USA - Monday, August 14, 2017
This Yamaha 385 has just been thoroughly serviced by my trusted flute specialist. It plays beautifully, and with a light touch down to the lowest note. Silver head, open-holes, and b-foot with gizmo & in-line G. Pads are in excellent condition. There is some minor aesthetic wear that has no effect on playability. Comparable models (381, 382) sell new for $1200-$`1400. Asking $850 + shipping. We accept all credit cards. Please email or call (970)689-5671 with any questions! I can help you find the right flutes for your needs and your budget.
Incredible headjoints FMG and Mancke   khawk25361@aol.com  Photos / Website - Vallejo, CA United States - Sunday, August 13, 2017
I have 2 fabulous and very rare headjoints. One is a beautiful Flutemakers Guild Cocuswood, highly responsive and full of rich color. The other is the incredible and rare Mancke Silver Headjoint with Grenadilla lip plate. This headjoint has amazing projection along a wide range of tonal colors. The Flutemakers Guild is $1,350, the Mancke is $1,500. Ken 707-450-7454
Powell Platinum Flute 10k Keys   Charlespage1@ymail.com  Photos / Website - Huntsville, Alabama USA - Saturday, August 12, 2017
Played for many years by a flutist in the National Symphony Orchestra, this platinum Powell has all of the qualities one looks for in the platinum sound. Made in 1995, this flute is built with the modern Powell scale at A-442 with a B foot and inline G with 10K gold keys. The flute was completely repadded at Flutistry in Boston and has been played sparingly since! Please contact me at cep370@nyu.edu or Charlespage1@ymail.com interested. Price low to sell fast- $36,950 plus insured shipping.

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