Y.L. Song flute headjoint SH-102  ryanlkk@msn.com - Photos / Website - Richmond, British Columbia Canada - Thursday, May 16, 2024
95% silver 5% platinum, Gold Riser and wing ,Beautiful engraving, Ruby on the crown , Headjoint case included, It gives an elegant sound in the whole range, Welcome to try in Richmond, BC, Asking $2500 USD
Nagahara 14k gold J.Galway model / lafin 14k  smarinf01@educarex.es - Photos / Website - Ittervoort,, Netherlands - Thursday, April 18, 2024
J.R. Lafin Headjoint in 14k, silver lipplate and riser. B-foot joint. Solid Silver mechanism & soldered 14k gold toneholes. E mechanism. C# trill. Offset. Open-hole (French) key cups. Improved key design with taller ridges for better grip. Nagahara Pinless mechanism. Nagahara Wearless Mechanism Type II. The Nagahara Thumb key. Straubinger pads (overhauled in september 2023). Pitch: A=442. Price: 30500 The flute is currently located at Adams Flute Center. You can consult at the following link: https://www.adams-music.com/en/flute/preowned-flute/pre_owned_flute_nagahara_14ksilver_rbec_i00903
PEARL PICCOLO FLUTE PFP-105E  denrawley@gmail.com - Photos / Website - Aurora, Colorado USA - Thursday, April 18, 2024
PEARL PICCOLO FLUTE PFP-105E. MINT CONDITION! Minimal Use. Grenaditte Head joint and Body with Silver plated Mechanism, Split E-mechanism. Grenaditte echoes all the positive qualities of wood in appearance, weight, density, and feel. Unlike wood, Grenaditte is impervious to shock, temperature, and moisture fluctuation. Mechanism: Silver-Plated. Split E. Conical Bore. Grenaditte Body and Head joint. Two Head joints High Wave Bulb and Head Standard Cut. Felt Pads. Hard Case with French/Cover. Serial Number 20972. Made in Taiwan. $1599
Artley Flute 38-0 (Wilkins model)  rsamsonpicc@yahoo.com - Pearl City, Hawaii USA - Saturday, April 06, 2024
Artley 38-0 Flute. this is a later wilkins model that Artley made in Nogales Arizona. solid silver headjoint,body, foot and keys/mechanism. open hole, inline G, B foot (no gizmo), white gold springs. overhauled in 2021. excellent condition. $950 plus shipping.
Artley Wilkins Flute  rsamsonpicc@yahoo.com - Pearl City, Hawaii USA - Saturday, April 06, 2024
Artley Wilkins Flute. Solid silver headjoint, body, foot and keys/mechanism. Open hole, inline G, C foot. serial number 106513 made in 1963. very good condition. $800 plus shipping.
Yamaha YFL-372 GL Transverse flute  timsshuster@gmail.com - Northridge, CA USA - Sunday, March 31, 2024
Yamaha YFL-372 GL transverse flute with silver headpiece, lip plate with gold finish and open flaps for sale. Almost unused, Bought New in 2018. A very good flute, creates good sound, and a perfect flute for both beginners and advanced. Mechanics: open flaps. Pictures available. Asking $1100.
DiZhao DZ200  djsulhan@yahoo.com - Cleveland, OH USA - Saturday, March 02, 2024
Like new condition. Closed hole, silver plated, upscale student model flute. Offset G, C foot. Includes hard case and cover both in excellent condition. Email for photos. $650 plus $15 shipping.
Sankyo Silver Handmade Flute w/ Mancke HJ  dps0829@gmail.com - Photos / Website - Tulsa, OK USA - Monday, February 26, 2024
Sankyo Fully Silver Handmade Flute (CF-401) with Mancke HJ. Sterling silver body and mechanism, Heavy Wall, Open Hole, B-Foot, Offset G, C# trill, NEL Sankyo High E facilitator, A=442, COA August 2023 not played since. All silver Mancke HJ. Price: $9,750.
Mancke HJ w/ 18K Riser and 14K Crown  dps0829@gmail.com - Photos / Website - Tulsa, OK USA - Monday, February 26, 2024
Mancke Sterling Silver Handmade Headjoint with 18K Riser and 14K Gold Crown. Mint Condition. (FCNY new = $5060) Asking $3999.
Vintage Haynes Flute  dpodolka@aol.com - Cibolo, TX United States - Monday, February 26, 2024
Selling my Vintage Closed hole c foot Haynes Flute- Overhauled.- Non smoking clean & healthy home/studio. -Serious buyers only please.
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