Hammig 650/2 Excellent!   apodaca3@gmail.com  Photos / Website - Fort Collins, Colorado USA - Thursday, September 16, 2021
This beautiful professional handmade grenadilla wood Hammig 650/2 piccolo w/ a modified wave headjoint was meticulously cared-for, and is in near-new condition. Grenadilla wood head and body, standard Hammig cut headjoint, split-e, pointed key arms, heavily silver-plated keys, and Straubinger pads. Beautiful rich and even tone from low to high. For more details, please visit the link above. Money Back Guarantee. New, this piccolo sells online for $4850. Asking $3750. Trials welcome. Financing available. Please feel free to email or call any time with any questions: (970)689-5671.
Muramatsu All Silver AD Closed hole C foot   mikegillispie@hotmail.com - Silver Spring, MD United States - Sunday, September 12, 2021
Muramatsu AD with matching original french case, case cover, cleaning rod; All silver, Closed hole, Offset G, C foot. Lightly used, this wonderful flute is in superb condition. Keywork has no lateral motion and has never been swedged. Just CLA'd by top Muramatsu certified technician. Very responsive, beautiful timbre. Please email with questions or for photos.
Rare Emerson Piccolo   ladykendra@att.net  Photos / Website - Santa Rosa, Sonoma USA - Monday, August 30, 2021
This is an Emerson ELD Piccolo in excellent condition. This piccolo has a well rounded, full tone quality with lots of projection. It features a solid silver lip plate and riser on a silver plated head joint with silver plated body and keys. Rare and hard to find! https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/lnOnDhPyFqDd https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/5vuJDIuuj4Nh asking $2000obo
Gemeinhardt 3SS   danielsharp659@gmail.com - Worcester, MA USA - Saturday, August 21, 2021
$1000- Gemeinhardt 3SS Flute Solid Silver, probably made in 1976. Drawn tone holes, in-line G keys, B foot joint. Needs some cleaning and adjustment. Flute has some small dents, but none larger than ball-point pen tip. Comes with a leather French case with Forest Green interior velvet and black Cavallaro case cover.
Vintage 18K Haynes Headjoint   danielsharp659@gmail.com - Worcester, MA USA - Saturday, August 21, 2021
$4000- Vintage Haynes 18K Yellow Gold headjoint with Silver riser and Lip plate by Jeff Weissman. Headjoint tenon was previously cracked, but is repaired by resoldering and covering with a silver sleeve. Fits most .012 Gold Flute bodies. Sound is brilliant and powerful. Age unknown, but could be over 50 years old.
Miyazawa 14K gold Flute   rsamsonpicc@yahoo.com - Honolulu, Hawaii USA - Saturday, August 07, 2021
Miyazawa 14k gold flute #85405 14K gold body,foot,headjoint and rings. sterling silver keys, ribs, soldered tone holes. MZ-6 HJ with platinum riser. Full Brogger System. open hole, offset G, C# trill, split E, B foot with D# and C# roller. A442. wooden case and cavallaro type case cover with outside pocket. wooden ckeaning rod. overhauled with Straubinger pads July 2019 at Flutacious in California. asking $25,000.
Lillian Burkart Elite Flute   gelisim323@gmail.com - Somerset, Kentucky USA - Saturday, August 07, 2021
Handmade Lillian Burkart Elite flute, solid silver. Headjoint is silver with a 14k embouchure.very good and working condition. Asking $9800 for it thanks
Wm S Haynes Handmade (c.1959) Fully Overhaul   will.hale789@gmail.com - Oxford, MI USA - Thursday, July 29, 2021
Handmade model. In Line G, Open hole and C foot. Serial 23xxx. Fully overhauled by Brian Bertrem. New corks, felts and Pisoni Lucien Deluxe pads. Standard wall A=440. Soldered tone holes. Once again plays as it did when it left the Boston, Massachusetts shop (c.1954). Haynes logo on head joint has been partially polished off. White gold springs and pointed key arms. Hand cut head joint. Minor scratches only. No dings or dents. New Northwinds/Haynes hard case with Blue interior. New Cavallaro style padded case cover. Heavy Haynes cleaning rod. $3095+$45 ship/ins
Wm S Haynes flute Commercial model (c.1959)   will.hale789@gmail.com - Oxford, MI USA - Wednesday, July 28, 2021
Closed hole and C foot. Serial 28xxx. Fully overhauled by Brian Bertrem. New corks, felts and Pisoni Lucien Deluxe pads. Heavy wall 0.018 A=440 gives it the rich Haynes sound. Once again plays as it did when it left the Boston, Massachusetts shop (c.1959). Minor scratches very small dings. No dents. White gold springs. New Northwinds/Haynes hard case with Burgundy interior. Heavy Haynes cleaning rod. New Cavallaro style padded case cover with adjustable strap. One year warranty on parts and labor. 10 day tryout period (buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees) $2095 + $45 shipping/ins
Solid silver Miyazawa headjoint   virginia_knight@hotmail.com - Seattle, WA USA - Monday, July 26, 2021
Miyazawa headjoint with solid silver tube, lip plate and riser. Good - excellent condition. Not sure how old it is, but I bought it used from Fluteworks Seattle when I purchased a new Miyazawa 202 body, as I liked it better than the other new silver heads they had. Plays nice, but I changed to a different maker, and this head now needs a new home. $750.