Looking for e flat flute   Missyakovleva@hotmail.com - NYC, NY United States - Saturday, October 08, 2022
Im looking for E flat flute within 300 price range
Wm.S.Haynes 100 years old flute   leopoldosolmayor@gmail.com - La Plata, Buenos Aires Argentina - Tuesday, September 27, 2022
William S. Haynes silver flute. Dating from ca.1920, plateau keys, C foot, completely original, including case.Superb condition. Great performer. Price and pictures upon request
Powell vintage flute   leopoldosolmayor@gmail.com - La Plata, Buenos Aires Argentina - Thursday, September 22, 2022
Powell vintage flute #4xx. Belonged to principal in Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires. Closed,off G, c foot, extra keys. Absolutely original and in pristine condition. Pictures and price upon request
Louis Lot 30xx. Vintage silver througout   leopoldosolmayor@gmail.com - La Plata, Buenos Aires Argentina - Saturday, September 17, 2022
Vintage louis Lot flute nr. 30xx.Villete period. Excelent general condition. Dating from 1880. NEEDS COMPLETE OVEHALING THOUGH. Pictures upon requet. Asking U$S 10.500. Silver troughout
SOLD! Bonneville serial 2969   emilio@emiliogalante.com  Photos / Website - Trento, Italy Italy - Thursday, September 15, 2022
Beautiful vintage french flute made around 1900-1905, arrived at our times in a perfect state. Restored and repadded by the italian french flutes specialist Andrea Dainese, is a real gem. Silver plating in excellent condition. Plays easily at 440 as you could ear at https://youtu.be/6BZzHLM6LAk. Askin 2500$
Matusi headjoint   emilio@emiliogalante.com  Photos / Website - Trento, Italy - Sunday, August 28, 2022
The Matusi headjoint with a vibrating membrane operated by a key is an invention from Matthias Ziegler, one of the worlds most versatile and innovative flutist, and worked out by Eva Kingma and David Kerkhof, from The Netherlands. The typical Matusi sound is coming from a vibrating membrane. The springs with the adjusting screws keeps it in place. Due to change of temperature or after some hours of playing the sound can change. You can adjust it by slightly turning the screws. More photo on request - askin 1600$
Miyazawa 202 Heavy wall offset G B foot C# tr   fluteron@gmail.com - Monterey, CA USA - Saturday, August 27, 2022
Excellent condition 2015 Miyazawa 202 MZ-10 :998 Silver head joint with 14K riser C# trill D# roller no dings pads are in good condition sounds and plays great one owner email for pictures New the sells for over $6000 This one $3250 shipped
WANTED: Good 442 or 444 Flute in Europe   raananeylon17@gmail.com - Stuttgart, BW Germany - Wednesday, July 27, 2022
Looking for a good 442 or 444 flute, preferably Bennett or Cooper scale, open holes to C or B. Can be without HJ.
FOUND! WANTED: Burkart or Brannen-Cooper   tjaa26@gmail.com - Minneapolis, MN USA - Saturday, July 23, 2022
Desired specifications: Burkart (Professional or Elite) or B-C Brgger Mekanik; open holes, B-foot, C# trill, 0.018" wall thickness (if sterling), offset G. I am seeking an AS IS flute that NEEDS new pads, cleaning, oiling, adjusting. Cosmetic wear, unpolished, tarnished is fine. Otherwise it should be in good condition, have no bent rods, dents, or major damage, and the joints should have no scratches (micro scratches are expected) and slide together without courseness. Please email an offer if you have such a flute.
SOLD! Drelinger Silver MaxHeadjoint - gold air reed   laura_strickland@hotmail.com - Phoenix, AZ USA - Friday, July 15, 2022
Produces a complex warm tonal quality with crisp clean articulation. Easy playing. You will hit the highs with ease, producing brilliant clear notes while moving to the lower notes producing clear deep tones. Quality of tone & movement is exceptional. Non-noisy head joint. Sterling Silver tubing. MaxHeadjoint. Gold-Air-Reed. Engraved Lip Plate. No dents. Standard wear. Sold as-is. No returns. Price is firm. $1900 + $20 ship. U.S. only.