Gary Lewis Flute Crown Sterling Silver - Salem, OH USA - Monday, February 07, 2022
$375 OBO Gary Lewis flute crown in Sterling Silver Email for pics "The Lewis Crown is a patented design that can be used on any flute, whether it be vintage or modern, professional or intermediate. It combines three unique designs into a single unit which replaces the traditional crown: A spring linkage to reduce tension at the top of the headjoint and allow for freer vibration of the flute tube. A carefully tuned resonator to even out tone colors between the right hand and left hand. In many flutes,
Yamaha EC Sterling Silver Flute Headjoint - Salem, OH USA - Monday, February 07, 2022
$1000 OBO Good condition Yamaha EC sterling silver flute headjoint only Email for pics
David C. Williams Sterling Silver Flute Head - Salem, OH USA - Monday, February 07, 2022
$1000 OBO Good condition David C. Williams sterling silver flute headjoint only Email for pics
DRELINGER Grenadilla Bow-Tie Straight Piccolo - Salem, OH USA - Monday, February 07, 2022
$1000 OBO Very good condition DRELINGER Grenadilla Bow-Tie Straight Piccolo headjoint. This fits my three digit Zentner piccolo, but does not fit my Powell piccolo. Email for pics "Drelinger Bow-Tie headjoint will give an ease of response, tonal color, and articulation. And its innovative design achieves the quick response of metal with the timbre of wood. Which when used with virtually any quality conical bore piccolo body, is like transforming it I into a wonderful all-new sounding piccolo."
ALTUS Sterling Silver 1007 Speedy Tanaka - Salem, OH USA - Monday, February 07, 2022
$3500 - OBO Very good condition, professional, Sterling silver 1007 Altus flute. Open hole, silver plated Y arms, inline G, low B, Bennett scale, A442 Email for pics Talked to Liz Pritchett at Altus who told me this is one of the earliest Altus flutes, made in either 1988 or 1989 by Speedy Tanaka even before the Altus flute company had a factory in Japan! In original case with original cleaning rod and cloth. The closest model this relates to these days is the 1107 model, which is Britannia silver not sterling. So, approximate replacement cost is around $6495.00, probably more!
Brannen Flute - London, London United Kingdom - Monday, February 07, 2022
Silver flute, brogger mechanism and acoustic, in line g, c sharp trill key, b foot, recently overhauled with traditional pads. excellent condition, superb orchestral flute. can be sold with a Mancke silver headjoint with 18k gold riser, heavy crown and stopper, engraved lip plate. 12,000, also available with a 14k gold brannen headjoint, modern cut, fitted with a 24k gold plated heavy cork replacment. 15500 Open to offers, photos available through email.
Hammig 650/2 Piccolo-Excellent!  Photos / Website - Fort Collins, CO USA - Monday, January 31, 2022
Beautiful handmade grenadilla wood Hammig 650/2 piccolo w/ modified wave headjoint. It was well maintained by one owner, and is in excellent used condition, including the pads. Grenadilla wood head & body, standard Hammig cut headjoint, split-e, pointed key arms, & heavily silver-plated keys. Lovely to play in all registers! For more details, please visit the link above. Money Back Guarantee. New, this piccolo sells online for $4995. Asking $3450. Trials welcome. Financing available. Please feel free to email or call any time w/ any questions: (970)689-5671
Emanuel Pro Flute 14K Riser, C# trill, Inline  Photos / Website - Fort Collins, CO USA - Monday, January 31, 2022
This remarkable professional flute in excellent condition (including the pads), & was meticulously cared-for & maintained by one owner. It plays exceptionally well w/ a very nice dynamic range, depth of color & crisp response. Extremely smooth key action. Handmade, 14K riser, inline G, open-holes, B foot, C# trill, & soldered tone holes. My trusted tech. has gone over it & agrees that it is ready to go! Asking $13,500 & free shipping with purchase. Trials welcome. Financing available. Money back guarantee. Please click on the link above to see pictures & more details, and call 970-689-5671.
Koichiro Sakurai Pro Flute - Inline G, B Foot  Photos / Website - Fort Collins, CO USA - Monday, January 31, 2022
Beautiful pro. flute made in Japan (early 80's?) and well-maintained throughout, including a recent COA. Silver head, body and foot. Open holes, inline G, B Foot, pointed key arms and soldered tone holes. Asking $2800 plus shipping. Trials and questions are welcome. Please visit the page at the link above in order to see pictures and more details, and feel free to contact me with any questions: (970) 689-5671
Muramatsu Alto Flute - All Silver - SF Bay Area, CA USA - Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Muramatsu Alto Flute (S/N 054xx) All Silver; Highly desired, one of the finest altos made. Straight Headjoint, tuning rod and original leather covered wood shell case. Wonderful full warm tone, excellent condition. Ergonomic keys and smooth mechanism. May be played in the SF Bay Area. $9,900. Photos available.