WANTED: Good 442 or 444 Flute in Europe   raananeylon17@gmail.com - Stuttgart, BW Germany - Wednesday, July 27, 2022
Looking for a good 442 or 444 flute, preferably Bennett or Cooper scale, open holes to C or B. Can be without HJ.
FOUND! WANTED: Burkart or Brannen-Cooper   tjaa26@gmail.com - Minneapolis, MN USA - Saturday, July 23, 2022
Desired specifications: Burkart (Professional or Elite) or B-C Brgger Mekanik; open holes, B-foot, C# trill, 0.018" wall thickness (if sterling), offset G. I am seeking an AS IS flute that NEEDS new pads, cleaning, oiling, adjusting. Cosmetic wear, unpolished, tarnished is fine. Otherwise it should be in good condition, have no bent rods, dents, or major damage, and the joints should have no scratches (micro scratches are expected) and slide together without courseness. Please email an offer if you have such a flute.
SOLD! Drelinger Silver MaxHeadjoint - gold air reed   laura_strickland@hotmail.com - Phoenix, AZ USA - Friday, July 15, 2022
Produces a complex warm tonal quality with crisp clean articulation. Easy playing. You will hit the highs with ease, producing brilliant clear notes while moving to the lower notes producing clear deep tones. Quality of tone & movement is exceptional. Non-noisy head joint. Sterling Silver tubing. MaxHeadjoint. Gold-Air-Reed. Engraved Lip Plate. No dents. Standard wear. Sold as-is. No returns. Price is firm. $1900 + $20 ship. U.S. only.
SOLD! Rare Prima Sankyo Silver Sonic P.A. Flute   laura_strickland@hotmail.com - Phoenix, AZ United States - Friday, July 15, 2022
Great projection, power and depth. Excellent clarity of tone. Beautiful & elegant tone. Perfect paying condition. Recently checked by flute tech. Hand made .925 Silver head joint, body & foot joint. Silver plated keys. French (open hole) keys. Off-set G. Y-arm keys. B foot joint. Gizmo. No dents. Standard wear. REASONABLE OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED! Sold as-is. No returns. $3,200 + $40 Ship. U.S. only.
William S. Richards Wood Piccolo Wanted.   fluteart@comcast.net - Hanover, MD United States - Friday, May 20, 2022
Collector searching for wood piccolos with metal (preferably silver) keywork made by Wm. S. Richards in the Unted States. Must not have had any repairs to the instrument or existing cracks / breaks / missing parts. If available, please provide information on type of wood and metal used, the pitch, general condition, history of ownership, and whether a case is available and the price you are asking. Photos would be appreciated.
Zentner Piccolo   Bclaridge31@gmail.com - Marietta, GA United States - Sunday, May 08, 2022
Zentner Piccolo S/N 4597. Professional Wooden piccolo with bubble head. Excellent condition with some minor pad replacement. Only played 3 years. $2000. Pictures upon request.
Muramatsu Flute GX- 30661   Bclaridge31@gmail.com - Marietta, GA United States - Sunday, May 08, 2022
Professional Muramatsu Flute with silver plated nickel silver mechanism. In line G key, Pointed arms, open holes, B foot joint, and adjustment screws for easy adjustment and repair. Well maintained with pads in excellent condition. Great resonant tone with clear articulation. Only played 3 years. The GA professional dealer for Powell, Hanes and former Muramatsu dealer says "its an exceptional flute". $6000. Pictures upon request.
Powell Flute for Sale - Serial #1657   JMEYERSOHN@GMAIL.COM - New York, NY United States - Thursday, April 28, 2022
I am selling my late fathers beloved Powell flute. He passed away in January, at age 95, and played the flute passionately since getting its in October, 1956 (for his 30th birthday). It was completed in October, 1956, and is an original Powell, serial #1657. It played beautifully and has the original head joint. I took the flute to the a woodwind repair and it needs some work, which I can do before selling it, or you can have the work done. We would love to see this family heirloom in a good home where it will be played for years to come. I can provide further details; serious offers only
Muramatsu 9k Gold Flute   jamesorlandogarcia@gmail.com  Photos / Website - Des Moines, IA USA - Tuesday, April 26, 2022
Muramatsu 9k Gold flute made in 2012. -9k gold headjoint, body, b footjoint -sterling silver mechanism -Offset G -C sharp trill key -D sharp roller -Tsubasa headjoint Serviced by Luke Penella. $19,000 No scammers, will not accept trades, not willing to sell any part separately.
Miyazawa Flute Vision, MZ-9   rebeccatutunick@gmail.com - Cincinnati, OH & Red Hook, NY, OH United States - Tuesday, April 19, 2022
Miyazawa Flute Vision RH Heavy Wall, 958 Silver, C# Trill, D#/C# rollers, Split E, Straubinger Pads Miyawawa Headjoint: MZ-9 GS, 14K Gold Riser I will pay for a COA in full, after buyer is confirmed. I am open to a trial period, over mail or in person. I will be attending the NFA convention in August, and can bring the flute there if it doesn't sell prior!